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Kreyativ is a local business in Calgary, AB. Kreyativ is a web design and web development freelance company that creates creative website designs for business or individual needs. The websites are uniquely designed to streamline the services the companies provide. As businesses continue to grow, websites that are compatible with desktop, mobile or tablets is necessary for businesses to stay competitive. In addition, kreyativ uniquely works on distinguishing businesses websites by effectivity, efficiently, and innovatively distinct the company among its competitors.

Kreyativ is more than just a web development company, it’s a creative agency that wants to change the way Calgary websites are being made. Kreyativ takes advantage of implementing up-to date code, and trending frameworks. Keeping up with the trends allows kreyativ to continuously design and develop modernized websites. In addition, kreyativ proactively maintains your website by providing monthly updates and edits, as well relentlessly working on the search engine optimization. Therefore, businesses and clients will be both satisfied in the long run.

3 Projects completed
20 Emails Sent
85 Hours Worked
3 Happy clients

Why choose kreyativ

We provide high quality creative services

Small Company

Kreyativ is full of aspirations and creative ideas to allow businesses to present their services online through an extraordinary website design.

Young Employees

Kreyativ is established by young adults inspired artisticly by putting in hours of coding to achieve a distinct website among various competitors.

Cheap Prices

Kreyativ affordable pricing allows businesses to not be overwhelmed with the idea of going over their budget.

Our Great Support

Kreyativ only wants to give the clients the feeling of respect and unlimited support to allow businesses to grow.

Our Flexibility

Owning a business can be overwhelming. Kreyativ takes the time to understand and work around the timing of the clients.

Our Unique Abilities

Kreyativ is established by an inspired artistic view that is achieved by putting in hours of coding to have a distinct website among competitors.

We value technological modernization to provide the best web development experience to our clients. We are dedicated and passionate with the designing and developing of the unique websites. Therefore, we only provide high quality and prompt services to our customers.
Our Kreyativ Values
We strive to take kreyativ and turn it into the leading digital creative agency in Calgary. The success kreyativ will achieve is through the modernization, distinguished web designs and overall satisfaction of our clientele.
Our Kreyativ Vision
Kreyativ is continuously following the new technological trends, from code to the popular frameworks. However, as we are adapting the new technological leanings the web designs will still contain the creative and abstract designs that will portray the services, or products a company provides.
Our Kreyativ Technology
Kreyativ wants to ensure there is a strong relationship with our clients as we want a business to grow through the well managed website. We aspire to give your business an incomparable online presence through the aesthetic web designs that will bring in new and regular clientele.
Our Kreyativ Mission